3 Productivity Apps You Might Haven’t Heard Of

Almost everyone out there has a device that connects them to the World Wide Web. Thanks to this, a lot of people are able to receive a lot of information, through which is easy to get lost in.

But the thing is that there are some tools that can prevent you from totally procrastinating your work. Here we will show you some of the best apps that you could use to boost your productivity.


This is the best productivity app. Here you can write down your ideas, reminders and create to-do lists for the day. You can keep a record of your different files, as it allows you to save documents, pictures and more. You can also save online things that you find when you are searching through the web and think that they might be useful later.

This app has a tool for everything, and it lets you save all the information that you need regarding pending projects and more! This is an obligation when it comes to productivity apps.


Almost everyone has come up to an interesting web page while browsing through the web and had no time to read it. So they either leave it or bookmark it and let it get lost into a long list of bookmarks.

Thanks to Pocket, this is over. This app allows you to save the content of all the pages that you want, here you can save articles and videos by just touching the pocket button, which after being installed remains on a side of your browser.

All the pages saved are always categorized and easy to find. A plus is that after saving it, you can go to it and read it without having an internet connection.


Mind maps are very useful because they let you create a visual interpretation of content and it’s an easier way to understand information.

With this app you can make your own mind maps, it helps you to develop your own ideas and figure out the most optimal arrangement.

The highlight of this application is that you can work with a group of people, and you know what they say, two minds think better than one. With this tool, you can brainstorm with your team or simply develop projects or plans.…

3 Things to Know Before Buying Office Computers for your Business

We understand that one of the things that influence the growth of a company is the tools that it has, that help to achieve all of its goals.

Nowadays, machines are very important in businesses, they help you with your productivity, comfort, and efficiency. So it is very important to keep in mind that you have to make a very good choice when you are buying the computer that will join you in your professional growth.

Here you have some of the most important things you should know before making the big purchase.

What Kind Of Computer Suits You The Best?

When you are looking at different options, it is very important to keep in mind which are your primary necessities.

First of all, you have to choose whether you will use a desktop computer or a laptop. Both are great options for different purposes. While Desktop computers have more power and are the easiest to repair and maintain, Laptops have lower battery power but the advantage of portability.


It is also very important that you look for the operating system that presents you the most optimal characteristics, according to your necessities.

Windows is the first option, as almost everyone knows how to work with it. However, Mac is a big competitor, and more and more executives choose them for their security and viability.

Important Aspects

Look for a CPU type that has the specifications that will work well with your business, it will affect the speed, the memory and more. Look for those with the highest Hz number, which leads to faster computers.

Look for a Screen Size that doesn’t ruin your eyesight, normally they are measured diagonally using inches. Also take into account the resolution, which will affect the quality of pictures on the screen.

Pay attention to those details, and you will make the best choice for your business.…

3 Website Creation Tools to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Nowadays, the internet is the most important tool that either big or small businesses have. The only way to actually have a position in any market is to be online. If your business can’t be found anywhere on the web, then there is a big chance that you won’t have.

Here we’ll show you some creation tools that will help you put your business out there, so potential clients can find them.


WordPress is one of the easiest to use blog platforms out there. By using this tool, you will encounter many instruments that will allow you to personalize it into the way that suits your company the best.

The two options that you have are wordpress.com and wordpress.org, being the last one the one you pay for so that you have your own hosting service.


Wix is a platform that allows you to upload any kind of multi-media file. Here you can show your pictures and videos, and have an online portfolio. It uses HTML5 technology but its platform makes it easy for you to build your website, with just some moves of your mouse.


Weebly follows the example of Wix by using a system that lets you build your website by clicking and dragging whatever you want to have in your page. It provides you with a wide range of templates that guide you through the process. This tool is one of the best ones out there for beginners.

These tools are easy to use, yet the impact that can offer to your business can be huge. Remember to use any of these website creation tools to boost your own web page and start taking your business to the next level. By doing this, you will see an exponential growth on your profit and customers list.…